Extend our powerful MDM tools

To parents and families

Apple devices showing Mosyle Screenguide Parental Control interface REQUEST YOUR FREE ACCOUNT
Apple devices showing Mosyle Screenguide Parental Control interface

Schools using Mosyle Manager can share management of the school‑owned iPads to parents and families outside of school hours for free.

We made Apple mobile device management even more powerful by extending its capabilities to parents through our parental MDM solution called ScreenGuide Parental Control.

When schools activate Mosyle Manager and ScreenGuide integration, parents and families can easily manage school‑owned devices at home, with access to all ScreenGuide features, at no additional cost.

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Parental control made simple

The extended device management for parents allow them to limit the amount of time the school‑managed iPad can be used at home, filter internet browsing with web filters, and control what apps can be used, and more.

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Configure daily Screen Time to limit overexposure

Parents are able to configure the amount of time their children will be allowed to use the mobile device at home.

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Prevent distractions when it’s time to study or rest

Parents can disable the device to maximize the amount of sleep or study focus a child needs using the scheduler for the Time‑Out feature.

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Remotely lock the device

The Block Now mode within the Time‑Out feature helps parents inactivate the device right away when they need to.

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Hide and show apps from children

Parents can give their children access only to selected apps. Parents can also hide apps during set times.