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The Power of Apple’s MDM Protocol

Augmented by Mosyle

Mosyle brings schools and districts complete support for Apple’s MDM Protocol seamlessly integrated with our lightweight yet robust macOS Agent.

The result is a limitless number of combinations and possibilities that ensure it doesn’t matter how unique your need is, we have you covered.

Apple Programs

Apple Education Programs & APIs

We have it all

Mosyle supports and integrates with all Apple Programs and APIs created to offer an incomparable experience for schools when deploying and managing Apple devices. With Mosyle, you can easily integrate multiple Apple School Manager accounts, take full advantage of Apps & Books (VPP), automate the enrollment for all school‑owned devices, and offer your teachers and students the best BYOD experience with User Enrollment. Everything available through a simple and easy to use interface.

Setting Up Your Mac ...

Zero‑Touch Deployment

From Enroll to SSO

When deploying new Macs, Mosyle puts the Zero-Touch approach as its highest point, supporting all possible configurations available for Automated Device Enrollment (former DEP - Device Enrollment Program) and adding several layers that are important when setting up new devices. These layers include installing necessary apps, enforcing controls for security compliance from the first use of the device, and creating and authenticating local users leveraging Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, LDAP, or Active Directory.

Elegant & Informative Mac Setup with Mosyle Embark

Elegant & Informative Mac Setup with

Mosyle Embark

Mosyle Embark ensures the end user’s first experience with their new Mac is nothing but perfect.

With Mosyle Embark the user can visualize every task the Mac performs during the initial setup . Throughout the setup, a progress bar will show the status of the installations and configurations.

Once the setup tasks are complete, Embark will inform the user their Mac is ready to go. At this stage, if FileVault is enabled, Embark will prompt the user for a final task: restart the Mac so FileVault configuration can finalize and the Mac is fully encrypted before any use.

macOS Scripting - Made Easy for Everyone

macOS Scripting

Made Easy for Everyone

With Mosyle AIScript, Mosyle is the first solution to  bring the power of generative AI to macOS scripting. It enables IT admins to use natural language to ask for and receive ready‑to‑use scripts for unlimited needs ranging from “check the battery health status” to “delete Auditorium from the list of saved SSIDs” and everything in between.

Mosyle Script Catalog brings ready‑to‑use scripts created and curated by Mosyle’s development team for a “pick and go” experience. With Script Catalog, admins with zero scripting knowledge can unlock new levels of remote management possibilities and save precious time.

With Mosyle scripting tools, everything is possible!

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New Possibilities are Always Available

Committed to Day‑Zero

Mosyle has a track record for always being ready when macOS updates introduce new MDM tools, features, configurations, and programs.

With Mosyle, it doesn’t matter what the future will bring for macOS management in Education. You will be able to implement new functionalities from the first second they’re released or even test beforehand with Beta releases designed to help you get prepared for upcoming changes.

Just set and GO with Automated Workflows

Just set and GO with

Automated Workflows

Mosyle workflows are designed to save time for our customers and their IT teams, and not require more of it.

With Mosyle's MDM, schools can fully automate the entire lifecycle of their Apple devices, without the need of constant manual actions and active management from the IT team, allowing Mosyle customers to reach the highest level of efficiency on the market, with ratios reaching tens of thousands of devices under management for each IT person.

Easily share your screen with Encrypted Screen View

Easily share your screen with

Encrypted Screen View

Mosyle's MDM offers a built‑in solution for a fully automated and safe way for screen sharing between managed devices and IT administrators, so when that extra level of help to the end user is required, screen sharing is only one click away.

Mosyle's built‑in Screen Sharing doesn't require any additional software, is fully compatible with Mac, iPad and iPhone and leverages encrypted peer‑to‑peer connection between devices so no server - including ours - will ever receive any information regarding the content of each screen sharing session.

Extend management beyond the Mac with Chrome Management

Extend management beyond the Mac with

Chrome Management

Mosyle for Macs extends remote management capabilities to Google Chrome to enable management beyond Apple's operating system.

Give teachers and students the freedom to use their preferred browser without compromising on management and security.

Mosyle's Chrome Management for Mac allows Schools to:

  • • Safely and automatically manage Chrome Extensions
  • • Enforce Content Filtering on Chrome
  • • Automate all the Chrome bookmarks you need
  • • Filter YouTube and much more!