Make every screen an

Educational Tool

Apple TV connections

Just Plug & Go

Zero-Touch Deployment

Your experience managing AppleTVs shouldn’t be different from other Apple devices.

Just get a new Apple TV, unbox it, plug the cables and Mosyle Manager will do the rest.

Steps in Setup Assistant will be skipped, the name changed, your configurations will be applied and apps installed, and in a matter of minutes, your new AppleTV will be ready to go.

Apple TV connections

Apple Apps & Books (VPP) and Enterprise Apps

Remotely Deploy Any App

Mosyle fully supports Apple Apps & Books allowing Education customers to remotely distribute any tvOS app to their managed AppleTVs.

By using your Apple School Manager account, you can search for any app available on the App Store, select the number of licenses you need and in a matter of seconds the apps will be available in Mosyle. With a few clicks, you can distribute a single app or group of apps to your AppleTVs.

You can also distribute in-house apps developed by you with Apple Developer Enterprise Program to all your AppleTVs in a few clicks, taking full advantage of new amazing possibilities for your Classrooms and signage screens.

Airplay icon

Easily Extend your macOS & iOS Devices

To Any Screen With AirPlay

Mosyle Manager makes AirPlay management within your school easy, efficient, and secure. Allowing only devices connected to the same network to screen share and defining authentication requirements, you have full control of who can connect through AirPlay to each AppleTV.

On the other hand, Mosyle will automatically configure your iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices to seamlessly connect with school owned AppleTVs, transforming each school TV or projector into a natural extension of the devices used by teachers and students.

Pricing zero

The Best Part of Managing AppleTVs with Mosyle

It’s Totally FREE

At Mosyle we see AppleTVs as a natural extension of the iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices used by school and districts and we want to have all of them managed so the experience of our customers and their students and teachers with their Apple devices is even more enjoyable.

Based on that, with Mosyle Manager each managed iOS, iPadOS or macOS device enables one free of charge license for Apple TVs and will last for the same duration as the licenses acquired for the iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices.