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The first and only K-12 focused Web Filtering Made for iPadOS

The first and only K‑12 focused Web Filtering

Made for iPadOS

Mosyle’s Web Filtering & Security is the first and only Web Filtering solution designed exclusively for Apple devices used by K‑12 schools. The Web Filtering is enforced on the operating system layer using specific iPadOS methods to ensure full enforcement on each device regardless where the device is and which network it’s connected to.

Mosyle’s Web Filtering & Security leverages a unique proprietary device‑based load balance and fallback engine designed to ensure that the device will never lose connection, and will always be accessible by Mosyle’s MDM for any necessary adjustment or issue fix.

Deployment and Configuration Fully Automated

Deployment and Configuration

Fully Automated

Mosyle’s Web Filtering and Security completely eliminates the well‑known hassle of remotely deploying and configuring content filtering on Apple devices.

By leveraging a native integration with Mosyle’s MDM, all you need to do is select the devices you want to protect and we’ll do the rest, with no additional software required.

For full automation, just select to apply to “All Current and Future Devices” and as soon as a new iPad is enrolled in Mosyle’s MDM, Web Filtering and Security will also be enforced, in most cases way before the user performs their first action.

From everything to nothing Customizable Logging

From everything to nothing

Customizable Logging

Mosyle’s Web Filtering & Security offers a fully customizable experience for logging that can be applied to different user groups.

For example, considering CIPA requirements, schools can enable full logging for student devices with a single click and gain full visibility of all internet activity of each device, with details about the device and the user assigned to it.

Alternatively, for staff devices, if the goal is to ensure compliance and security while preserving privacy, administrators can configure logging for only blocked access, or no logging at all.

When reduced logging is selected, no one, not even Mosyle, will have access to the user’s online history, giving schools total control of this data.

Ensure compliance with automated Bypass Protection

Ensure compliance with automated

Bypass Protection

Another unique capability, only possible because of the native integration of Mosyle’s Web Filtering & Security with Mosyle’s MDM, is the fully automated protection against applications that can be used to bypass web filtering solutions or do not respect it.

Mosyle maintains a proprietary list of over 500 iPadOS applications that could potentially allow online activity without respecting web filtering and with a single click, will leverage MDM capabilities to immediately block all these applications (or a customized subset of them), ensuring compliance on all devices, all the time.

Filter the internet your way with Standard or Custom Filters

Filter the internet your way with

Standard or Custom Filters

Mosyle’s Web Filtering & Security brings several ready‑to‑go filters covering all the traditional filtering needs of schools so with a few clicks, you can ensure your Apple devices are fully compliant and only appropriate content can be accessed.

However, if you want to have more granular control and create your own customized filters, Mosyle Web Filtering and Security offers hundreds of domain categories that can be combined to create unlimited combinations of internet filters.

Filters can also be used as triggers for automated alerts, so every time a user accesses a domain classified as part of the filter, IT Admins can receive an alert or simply and dynamically add the device to a device group and automate actions such as lock, erase, reboot, or any others. No one else can do this. Really.

Block not only inappropriate content but also Online Threats

Block not only inappropriate content but also

Online Threats

Mosyle’s Web Filtering & Security leverages all the Apple‑specific malware research and analysis made by Mosyle’s Security Research team to create a unique and proprietary database of domains specifically connected with Apple device malware.

This proprietary database is combined with other Artificial Intelligence based databases updated several times a day to offer the most comprehensive and powerful protection against online threats for Apple devices.

Additionally, Mosyle also offers security filters based on domain age and host country, allowing customers to achieve a really deep level of security online.

Security filters can also dynamically add and remove devices from groups and scoped to any MDM profile, allowing schools to achieve total automation on device isolation.