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Every single iPadOS & iOS MDM Feature

Implemented only for K‑12

Mosyle Manager brings all the possibilities of iPadOS and iOS remote management through workflows carefully designed considering the specific deployment models and use cases in K‑12. Mosyle Manager's unique K‑12 centric flows and features offer a first‑in‑market approach that balances a powerful feature set, and scalability that ensures any task will be performed with a few clicks and possibly automated for the future, creating a truly “set it and forget it” experience.

Finally, flexible scoping options allow IT Administrators to push commands to any group of devices with minimal effort leveraging regular MDM organizational groups or specific K‑12 hierarchy elements, such as classes and grade levels.

From 100 to 100,000 devices, no other solution makes iOS and iPadOS Remote Management on K‑12 more efficient, scalable and affordable.

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Remote Management

"Mosyle Corporation" will automatically configure your iPad

What does Remote Management do?

Remote management enables the administrator of "Mosyle Corporation" to set up email and network accounts, install and configure apps, and manage this iPad's settings.

About Remote Management...

Experience the State‑of‑the‑Art in

Zero‑Touch Deployment

When deploying new iPad devices, Mosyle puts the Zero‑Touch approach as its highest point. Not only does Mosyle support all possible configurations available for Automated Device Enrollment (former DEP ‑ Device Enrollment Program), but also adds several layers that are important when setting up new devices, such as installing necessary apps and enforcing controls for security compliance from the very first use of the device.

It doesn’t matter where students are when they receive their iPad or when a wipe must be performed, Mosyle Manager will take the lead and completely automate the deployment of school‑owned devices without any extra work for IT Admins.

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No One Does Shared iPad

Better than us

Even before the official support for Shared iPad, Mosyle was already helping K‑12 customers create amazing experiences for students and teachers leveraging shared devices.

From special deployment workflows to dedicated profile assignment options to shared iPad and exclusive Shared iPad Carts management tools, Mosyle Manager makes the entire lifecycle of a Shared iPad in K‑12 feel magical, allowing schools and districts to ensure that each student, when using a Shared iPad, will have the same personalization and possibilities available to 1‑to‑1 students.

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Experience the Only Native Implementation of


Mosyle Manager proudly supports all the amazing benefits and balance between student privacy and school management and protection for BYOD devices introduced by Apple’s User Enrollment.

User Enrollment allows students and teachers to protect their privacy and personal data while giving schools only access to school apps and services installed on the device.

It works by cryptographic data separation, so schools can manage a subset of configurations, policies and its data, without any access to the student or teacher's personal data or the need for a remote wipe on a BYOD iPhone or iPad when they leave the school.

IT Administrators or end‑users can remotely remove the User Enrollment and all the separately stored data associated with the school is also removed without impacting the device, privacy or data.

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New Possibilities are Always Available

Committed to Day‑Zero

Mosyle has a track record for always being ready when iPadOS & iOS updates introduce new MDM tools, features, configurations, and programs.

With Mosyle, it doesn’t matter what the future will bring for iPadOS & iOS management in Education. You will be able to implement new functionalities from the first second they’re released or even test beforehand with Beta releases designed to help you get prepared for upcoming changes.

The first ever Apple MDM to offer

Welcome to the brand-new

Apple Watch Management

We did it again. Mosyle once again released immediate support to the recently introduced Apple Watch Management as part of iOS17 and watchOS10, ensuring Mosyle customers were among the first to gain access to this new amazing Apple capability.

Easily enroll, configure and protect Apple Watch. Mosyle supports all features currently available for Apple Watch remote management.

No additional license or fee. Mosyle sees Apple Watch management as an extension of iPhone management. So all Apple Watch management features are included as part of an iPhone license.